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Getting Unstuck Part 1: Helping Clients Create Road Maps of Their Loved One’s Addiction Cycle

In my last blog about Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT) I provided an overview of the therapy, how it is different from two commonly used interventions (Al-Anon and the Johnson Intervention), and the research evidence for CRAFT. Briefly, CRAFT is therapy that helps family members non-confrontationally change their loved one’s drinking or using and rebuild a life not centered on the person’s substance use. People who received CRAFT were 2 – 5 times more likely to have their loved ones enter treatment than people who participated in 12-step groups or the Johnson Intervention (Miller, Meyers, & Tonigan, 1999). In this post I’d like to focus on a CRAFT technique that forms the foundation for other techniques used in the therapy. It is a technique designed to help you and your clients...

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