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Edna Foa on Prolonged Exposure

Dr. Edna Foa, the extremely influential anxiety disorder researcher and University of Pennsylvania professor, authored a brief article in the December issue of Depression and Anxiety. For those who don’t recognize her name, Foa is an enormously influential psychologist who developed the emotional processing theory as a unifying theory to guide exposure therapy, and is perhaps best known for her pioneering work in developing Prolonged Exposure Therapy, a gold standard treatment for posttraumatic stress disorder. In 2010, Time magazine include her in 2010 in their list the 100 Most Influential People in the World.


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Getting Unstuck Part 3: A Map You Can Use When Creating Road Maps

My last blog post continued the discussion of creating road maps as part of Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT).  Briefly, CRAFT trains family members of people with addiction how to non-confrontationally change their loved ones’ use and to rebuild their lives not centered on their loved one’s addiction. Briefly, a road map (a.k.a., a functional analysis) is an assessment of the triggers and consequences of the addicted person’s substance use.  Creating a road map can be a difficult task. Furthermore, being flexible in your approach to creating a road map can be tough, particularly in the beginning when you are just learning how to create and work...

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